About The Club

Many, many years ago,  several friends (all named Jeff) got together to share some of their homebrew.  They told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on and so on.

From humble beginnings in 2002, the IPA Homebrew Club has grown into a widespread, highly active club.   Reaching across international borders, IPA’s membership has risen to over 150.  Members from Ithaca, Cortland and the surrounding area have joined with members hailing from Australia, Great Britain, Poland and beyond to participate in what has become a new international pastime: Homebrewing.

IPA members have done it all.  From designing and creating their own club booth and draft system, to procuring barrels for aging beer, to traveling long distance to the National Homebrew Conference, IPA’s presence has been felt near and far.

And, there are plans for creating and selling new merchandise,  and even hosting a local homebrew tour where You become the brewery.

Who knows what we’ll do next?

Current Officers:

El Jefe Por Vida: Jeff Tonole

Treasurer: Chuck Raniewicz

Master of Grain:  Clair Haus

Event/Brewery Trip Organizers: Chuck Raniewicz, Clair Haus, Joel Sleppy

Iron Brewer Overlord: Brandon Fortenberry

Web Admins: Chuck Raniewicz, Mike Neville

Steward/DD: Joel Sleppy

Anyone who homebrews or wants to learn the craft of brewing is welcome to attend our monthly meetings. You are encouraged to bring some homebrew to the meeting; otherwise, just bring your thirst for knowledge and good beer.

If you have any questions or want more information about the club, drop us an e-mail.