Club Store

The club has some specialty grains available for purchase by the pound. Here are the currently available ingredients and prices:

BASE MALTS  ($0.75/pound)
Baird pale
Best Malz pilsner

MUNICH/VIENNA  ($0.75/pound)
Baird vienna
Best Malz vienna
Best Malz light munich
MFB munich

CARAMEL/CRYSTAL  ($0.90/pound)
MFB caramel pilsen 10L
MFB biscuit 19L
Briess aromatic munich 20L
MFB caramel vienna 22L
Briess victory 28L
Great Western crystal 40L
Crisp crystal 60L
MFB caramunich 60L
MFB caramunich 120L

OTHER MALTS  ($0.90/pound)
Briess carapils
Fawcett chocolate
Baird roasted barley

D2 dark Belgian candi syrup ($4.25/pound)

If you would like to buy any of these ingredients from the Club Store contact Clair Haus.

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