We currently meet on the first Tuesday of each month at Liquid State Brewing   (620 Green St.)   7:30- 10PM

The meetings are casual and informal, providing an opportunity to share some homebrew (as well as homemade wine, cider, and mead) and talk with fellow brewing enthusiasts.

With 10-25 members at an average monthly meeting, participants are asked to sign-in their beers and provide a brief description. The steward then sequences the beers for tasting  (light to dark, with hoppy beers at the end).  Tasting typically begins about 8 and lasts til the beer is gone.

We encourage you to buy a pint or two and  bring your own tasting glass to preserve our welcome at the brewery.

All are welcome and we encourage you to bring and share your homebrew!

Don’t Forget To Bring Your Glass!!